Tip Tray History

The companion to the beer tray is the tip tray. These smaller trays were used to return the change to the tavern patron just as they are today. In days of old breweries used the opportunity to place advertisements in front of the beer drinkers.

A good example of a stock tip tray. It is the same young woman with the same dove selling both Oertels and Ruhstallers beer. Oertels of Louisville, Kentucky sprung for the deluxe rim design. Ruhstallers of Sacramento opted for the plain design.

A pair of rectangular tip trays from two of the bigger breweries. The Budweiser tray is from around 1960. Miller featured its famous girl on the moon logo throughout the 20th century. This tip trap dates from before 1950.

Canadian Tip Trays. The Capital trays are from Canada's capital Ottawa. The Walkerville Brewery is from the same town as the wiskey king Hiram Walker of Canadian Club fame. Walkerville is now part of Windsor, Ontario. Bixels is a rare tip tray from Brantford, Ontario.

Mexican tip trays. These trays probably pre-date 1950.

Artist Hans Flato designs appeared on these tip trays from Ruppert of New York city.

Older pre-prohibition tip trays. The Bartels is from Edwardsville, Pennsylvania while the Koppitz-Melchers is out of Detroit. Buffalo Brewing is out of Sacramento. The tip tray displayed here is from their San Francisco agency. The Indianapolis tray is naturally out of Indianapolis.

The Hampden, of Williamsett, Mass. is actually a spinning tip tray. The horses around the perimeter will actually appear to be running. A number of Hampden trays feature the character known as the handsome waiter. The Old India is another spinner featuring the same set of four horses. Old India was made by a number of breweries including Cremo of New Britain, Conn,

The Olburger tip tray is from United Brewing of Newark, New Jersey. Seitz is from Easton, Pa.- brewers since 1861. The brewery did not last too long after prohibition. The Fort Pitt is an porcelein ashtray from Pittsburgh.

The Leisy tip tray from Peoria Illinois featured the ultimate skat hand. The Monroe tip tray from New York state claimed to be the king of Rochester beers. They made no claims beyond the city limits.